Fee Structures

2018 Fee Structures

Tuition Fees: $2,100 per annum or 4 instalments @ $525

Composite Fee: This amount includes items such as Stationery Materials, Art/Craft & Photocopying $340 per student

Sports/Excursion Levy: This amount covers costs for Physical Education and all compulsory activities including swimming, Tri Skills, and class excursions. Not Sporting Carnivals. $164 per student

Capital Development Levy: $385 per family

I/T Levy: $481 per student

CEO Levy: $212 per student

School magazine: $35 per family

Pocket Readers: $15 Reception Children Only

School Camp: Years 4 and 5 only: $275  per student


A family discount of the Tuition Fees will apply to children attending any other Catholic School.

  •     2 children full fees less 5%
  •     3 children full fees less 10%
  •     4 children full fees less 15%
  •     5 + children full fees less 20%


In line with SACCS Policy those eligible to receive School Card Assistance, a minimum of 40% remission is offered. Other families on low income may also be eligible. There is an application process to determine level of remission applicable. Please contact the school office for the Fee Remission Forms if you feel you are eligible. These forms once completed should be returned with all required proof of earning and expenditure documentation. usually no formal interview will be required.


The annual fee will be billed at the start of the year. You may your pay account in 4 equal instalments at the start of Terms 1, 2, 3, and 4 or pay on a regular basis weekly/fortnightly or monthly. Qkr! Visa, Bankcard, Mastercard & EFTPOS facilities are available for payment of fees. 

If you would like to have your bank account debited on a regular basis please come into the school office and we will be happy to set this direct debit up, as we can do this free of Bank Charges.