Learning at OLOG

Our Lady of Grace School embraces a holistic approach to education, emphasizing the importance of creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where children, along with their parents, carers, and teachers, can connect and thrive. The school values the crucial relationship between home and school, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved in a child's education.

Core Aims for Learners

  • Engagement: The school prioritizes engaging learning spaces where children are encouraged to be curious, inspired, and brave in taking risks with their learning.
  • Development of Learning Competencies: Our Lady of Grace School focuses on cultivating key competencies in students, including Identity, Collaboration, Thinking and Questioning, Managing Self, Connecting and Reflecting, and the Language of Learning.
  • Literacy and Numeracy: A strong emphasis is placed on developing robust literacy and numeracy skills. Through investigative groups, children have the opportunity to refine their reading, writing, and spelling abilities, alongside exploring numeracy concepts, scientific skills, STEM activities, and the creative arts.

Learning Environment

  • Personalized Learning: The school provides a vibrant, engaging, and creative learning space where children can progress at their own pace, accommodating different learning styles.
  • Building on Foundations: Our students build on the solid foundation received in their early years, taking more responsibility for their learning through concept development, personal learning goals, and accountability skills.
  • Digital Technology: Digital technology is seamlessly integrated into the learning experience, especially for Year 5 and 6 students. With a 1:1 laptop ratio, students are encouraged to confidently and competently engage with technology, enhancing their learning experience.

Leadership and Community Engagement

  • Opportunities for Leadership: Students are provided with numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills and personal responsibility within the school community.
  • Collaboration: Learners work collaboratively with peers, educators, and the wider community, engaging in meaningful experiences that enrich their educational journey.

Our Lady of Grace School's commitment to fostering a dynamic and supportive learning environment ensures that students not only achieve academic success but also grow as confident, responsible, and well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute positively to the world around them.

Key Experience

Special Areas - Japanese, Physical Education, Music & Performing Arts

Curriculum Related Excursions

Sporting Carnivals (Year 4 to 6)

Camp (Year 4 to 6)

Captaincy Opportunities (Year 6)

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