Reception to Year 1


Our Reception - Year 1 Learning spaces are a place for children, parents, carers and teachers to connect. We value the importance of the relationship between home and school, and provide a welcoming environment for all.

We strive for children to be engaged in our learning space. We want our learners to be curious, be inspired and be brave enough to take risks with their learning.

We believe in giving agency to our learners, meaning they are active protagonists in designing our learning experiences.

We aim to develop the learning competencies of Identity; Collaboration; Thinking and Questioning; Managing Self; Connecting and Reflecting; and The Language of Learning.

Developing strong Literacy and Numeracy skills are a central focus of our Reception and Year 1 students. Through Investigative groups, we provide opportunities for children to develop and refine their reading, writing, and spelling skills, as well as exploring numeracy concepts, scientific skills, STEM activities and the creative arts.

We provide a vibrant, engaging and creative learning space where children can develop at their own pace and in their own learning style. 

Key Experience

Circle time

Interest hour

Investigative groups

Special Areas - Japanese

Curriculum related excursions