Reception to Year 2



InitiaLit is a MultiLit program, used in Reception until Year 2, and ensures that every child has five from five skills before moving on. Educators consistently and easily monitor progress throughout the year and quickly identify what students were struggling with. 
Our Lady of Grace School uses explicit instruction in phonics which involves systematic and sequential teaching of the letter-sound relationships in written English that allow readers to decode words.  This begins in our Reception classes, programs are run as whole class but students are monitored and worked with on an individual basis too.
Phonics instruction is most effective when integrated into a comprehensive literacy program that includes practice with decodable text as well as exposure to literature with a rich vocabulary.  Students in Reception to year 2 are given decodable readers which are leveled so they move through the literacy levels with students.

More information on the InitiaLit Program here

Reading at home & school

The website Five from Five (by MultiLit) is a great resource for parents who would like to work hand in hand with programs at Our Lady of Grace School.

Five from Five - Reading with children

At Our Lady of Grace School we have Year 5 & 6 students who listen to reading before school, once the younger student has read they might have a book read to them too. A great way to settle into the school day, bond with older students and increase reading fluency in students.

Reading at home & school