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STEM Expo 2021


This years STEM inquiry looked at "Can games can help us to learn something?".  We explored this question through the Design Thinking Process and engaged in the phases such as Immersion, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Feedforward.

Our Reception MT class who started in Term 3 used their inquiry skills to predict "how the cow jumped over the moon", they created models of their ideas too.

The learning to deepen every child's understanding couldn't have happened without creating the space for this STEM learning which happens throughout the year at OLOG.  Our STEM commitment cites the importance of developing critical thinkers to solve real world problems and the need to develop learning approaches which enable students to understand the ethical/moral/historical implications of authentic world problems.  They design solutions through innovation and experimentation, finding different ways of thinking, using a hands on approach working in collaborative teams that support collaboration and evaluating solutions and the impact of their thinking and planning.

The STEM expo concluded with a SciWorld Spectacular Show for years 2-6.

Our educators ensured that this learning deepened our children's capacity in STEM, we thank Cameron Hext for his leadership throughout the year in STEM.  We hope that next year we will be able to hold our STEM evening as planned so parents and caregivers can also see the amazing creations.