Master Plan 2023

We are excited to share with you the OLOG Master Plan ratified by the OLOG Board on Monday 26th June.  The Board acknowledges the 10-month journey with Architects Swanbury Penglase and CESA infrastructure team to facilitate extensive consultation, investigation, and planning process.  

The OLOG Master Plan is a living document that sets out a flexible framework for future development of the OLOG Campus over the next 5-10 years. 

The OLOG Master Plan sets out a bold future vision for the infrastructure of the school and campus, moving OLOG beyond a single stream primary school and enabling a vision for OLOG to grow into a 2-stream primary school. 

The OLOG Master Plan embraces a design that supports a connectedness between school, community and parish, recognizing the importance of these connections past, present, and future. The site becomes connected via a campus heart. 

The OLOG Master Plan aims to balance the need for additional learning spaces, flexible break out / supporting spaces, outdoor learning spaces and equitability throughout the site. Designs that flow from the Master Plan concepts will be aspirational, flexible and support school pedagogy. 

The OLOG Master Plan takes full advantage of the Beadnall corner to improve street presence and create a sense of arrival and safer more intuitive way finding throughout the site.  


We welcome you to view our 2023 Master Plan Report and invite your feedback via