Year 4 - 6


In the Year 4 - 5 Village we build upon the excellent foundation that our students and families receive in the Early Years.  By this stage of their education, learners are increasingly able to direct their own learning through areas such as concept development, establishing and following through on personal learning goals  and accountability skills.

Digital technology is an integral learning tool in the 4 -5 Village with a minimum of 2:1 ratio of laptops and a number of iPad Mini's available for use in each class at all times.  This has enabled our learners to become confident and competent to take risks in their learning while exploring and engaging with emerging technologies. 

Learners are provided with a range of opportunities to develop leadership skills and personal responsibility within the school community.  They collaborate with a range of peers, educators and the wider community to engage in meaningful experiences.

Our Year 4 - 5 Village educators work closely together to plan for and teach engaging learning experiences.  This enables staff to draw upon and maximise our areas of expertise which results in our individual learners being supported  to grow in all areas of their development.

Key Experiences

Circle Time

Interest Hour


Special Areas - Music, Japanese, Digital Technology, Media

Curriculum related excursions

Sporting Carnivals (Year 4/5s)

Camp (Year 4/5s)


Year 5 Experiences

Sport's Day House Captaincy

Wellbeing Leaders

Catholic School's Festival Choir