Volunteering at OLOG



We value our OLOG volunteers!

As a parent you are the prime educator of your children, we warmly welcome and encourage parents to partner with OLOG and become more involved in your children's school life.  Helping us to ensure every child thrives, is a capable learner and grows in self-confidence.

What does an OLOG Volunteer do?

You can volunteer in so many capacities in the school over the course of the year, we appreciate any time you can give:

  • Assist in the classroom by listening to reading or reading to learners;
  • Nominating for the School Board;
  • Helping students care for one of our garden beds;
  • Supporting school excursions;
  • Supporting sports carnivals;
  • Coaching an Out of School Hours sports team;
  • Parents and Friends events, special lunch days;
  • Volunteering to participate in or coordinate another school activity.

All enrolled parents and extended family are welcome to attend our regular Parents & Friends Meetings.  Your time, ideas and energy are valued contributions to our school community.

Perhaps you have a skill or talent that you might like to share with our students?  We would love to hear of any ideas you have for enriching our student's learning experience.

COVID-19 vaccination requirements in 2022

The Government of South Australia announced on 16 November 2021, that volunteers will be required to be double vaccinated against COVID in order to engage in activities at schools in 2022.

Exemptions will only be allowed for those who have a medical certificate/exemption form by a legally qualified Medical Practitioner certifying that you either have a medical exemption from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on either a permanent or temporary basis, endorsed by the Chief Public Health Officer.

An official transcript of your COVID-19 vaccination status (hard copy or electronic pdf version) is to be presented during the volunteer application process as listed in step 7 below.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

How do I become a volunteer?

In seven easy steps

At Our Lady of Grace School we are committed to the safety of everyone; the safety of our children, our staff and our volunteers.

In accordance with Catholic Education South Australia's policies and procedures, there are seven steps to become a volunteer.

  1. Read the Induction Pack for Volunteers for a detailed overview of the process.  We have links below for steps 2-5;
  2. Complete the one page fillable CESA Volunteer Declaration Form;
  3. Complete the three page fillable CESA Volunteers Application Package;
  4. Complete the Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect-Education & Care (RRHAN-EC) training for volunteers online course.
  5. An official transcript of your COVID-19 vaccination status (hand copy or electronic pdf version) is to be presented on your visit to the Front Office.
  6. Supply the office with completed paperwork from Step 2 to 5; this can be emailed to olog@olog.catholic.edu.au  with Volunteer Forms in the subject line please.
    On your visit, you can complete the two page Catholic Clearance Form.  Feel free to complete online then print out, complete and bring to your visit or we will give you a copy when you arrive and help you complete it.
    A photo ID needs to be sighted and 100 points of identificaton attained.  Please refer to the Catholic Clearance Form for acceptable forms of identification.
    If you already have a current Department of Human Services Working with Children Clearance, please email it to olog@olog.catholic.edu.au with your current address and phone number.

Sign acknowledgement you have read the Induction Pack for Volunteers from Step 1 on your visit to the Front Office.

Some things take time and the Working with Children (WWC) & Catholic Clearance Certificate can take up to six (6) weeks to be processed by the Department of Human Services.

Volunteers will receive a card with an expiry date of 5 years.  There is no cost to you to apply as this is with compliments of Our Lady of Grace School.


Where do I start?

Feel free to start at any of the steps above, you can click on the links to learn more before starting.  It may sound complicated but once you get started it all makes sense.  Please remember that each step needs to be completed to qualify as a volunteer.

We really encourage you to apply, getting to know our staff and other families is a benefit of volunteering.


We appreciate you

Thank you!  Thank you to the many hardworking volunteers who have helped over the years, we thank you for your patience as COVID restrictions have impacted our volunteer program but we are nearly back to usual.



School Board

The school is governed by a School Board, which generally meets twice per term. Membership of the School Board consists of the Parish Priest, Principal, Parents (six representatives), Staff representative, P&F association representative and other co-opted members from time to time. The board welcomes enquiries, suggestions, or any communication from our parents. Such enquiries are directed to the Chairperson or Principal. The School Board essentially hold a governing role deciding policy direction, managing financial affairs, and ensuring that the educational programme meets the stipulated aims of the school.

Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends is made up of parents who are extremely valuable  to our School community. Monthly meetings of the association are held, the meetings and activities of our parents provide an excellent opportunity for making new friendships with other parents.   A well-organised Spring Fair in late October is the main activity, while many other events are held to provide social interaction, and raise money for the school.  Among the functions undertaken by our Parents and Friends which directly support our school’s workload are: Working Bees, Canteen, School Uniform Shop, Fundraising, and Welcoming Committee. There is so much to be gained, for individuals and our school community, through our school’s tradition of an active Parents and Friends group. You are invited to take part in, and maintain, this strong tradition at Our Lady of Grace. 

Learning Assistance Program

The LAP program  develops and fosters positive relationships while increasing self-esteem and confidence of students. Through this support, students have the potential to become more engaged with learning and are encouraged in a safe environment to participate more fully in their education. The volunteer, parents and teacher work in collaboration to develop nurturing relationships and genuine community environment.

Our volunteers give generously of their time, efforts and expertise for our students and their contribution is greatly valued and appreciated. Volunteers are members of the school community such as parents, grandparents, old scholars, and retirees. LAP volunteers are mentors who work with the same student for a short time period each week for one-to-one learning enrichment to meet both academic and personal needs. 

To express your interest please click on this link to email our LAP COORDINATOR