After School Sport



Terms 1 to 4

Reception to Year 6 students can nominate to play MiniBall, games are played in mixed year levels and all boys, all girls or mixed teams.

Games are played at Marion Stadium (Norfolk Road, Marion), Springbank Stadium (cnr Goodwood & Daws Road, Pasadena) or Cosgrove Hall (York Avenue, Clovelly Park).

Games are played on different nights of the week according to year level, this is subject to change by Basketball SA.

Nominations for all sports teams need to be made the term before they commence, or early in Term 1 for summer sports.



Students from Year 4 to 6, played in 4/5 mixed boys, girls or mixed and Year 6 boys, girls or mixed teams.

Spikezone competition is played at Brighton Secondary School on Friday afternoons.

Games are 30 minutes in length.


Cricket sA.png


Summer Sport (Term 1 & 4)

We offer cricket from Year 2 to Year 6.

Year 2 Master Blaster (previously Kanga Cricket), these games are played on Saturdays at Marion Oval at 8:30am.

Year 3 Master Blaster (previously Kanga Cricket), these games are played on Saturdays at Marion Oval at 9:45am



C Grade Cricket - Year 4/5 Games are on Thursday afternoons at 4pm at schools in our local area.

B Grade Cricket - Year 5/6 Games are on Saturdays at 8:30am at schools in the local area.

baseball bats and bench.jpeg


Summer Sport (Term 1 & 4)

Students from Reception to Year 6 are able to play Tee-Ball with games held at the Glenelg Baseball Club.

The game is an introductory sport for younger kids to baseball and softball.  The difference between T-Ball and Baseball/Softball is the child hits the ball off a stationary tee (a stand used to support a stationary ball).

More information regarding Tee-Ball can be found here - https:///




AFL Football

Terms 2 & 3 (Winter Sport)

The school Australian rules football is for students from Year 2 to Year 6.

SANFL organise a 12 round fixture with 7 rounds played in term 2 and 5 rounds played in term 3. 

Competition Structure  

- 12 rounds

- Centralised venue

- Mixed competition- Saturday Mornings

- Female competition- Tuesday afternoons


Year 2 (9 a side)

Year 3/4 (9 a side)

Year 5/6 (12 a side)




Terms 2 & 3 (Winter Sport)

Netball is open to boys & girls in Years 2 to 6

Games are played at schools in the local area, afternoons at 4pm.