Year 3 to 6


Spell-It is a MultiLit program, which is used in Year 3 to Year 6, the program has been written for use in Australian schools ensuring correct spelling and grammar.
A whole class approach is used to teaches the rules, conventions, structure and logic on the English language. At OLOG it is used for whole class instruction but students are also broken up into small groups to target specific learning.
Spell-It provides an explicit and structured approach to teaching spelling within a whole-class or small group framework, it provides assessment tools for teachers to identify the spelling skills that are needed most.  Once these skills are identified teachers can plan a targeted program for those areas.
Students benefit from improved writing quality and fluency, expanded vocabulary and confidence with spelling as they learn to apply strategies to unknown words and work out relationships between words.
Similar to InitiaLit, student can be placed into intervention programs and work with educators’ multiple times per week – four group sessions and a one-on-one session.

OLOG Literacy Intervention Programs

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